‘Signature Style’ @ Craft

28 04 2013

The flu has had me in its grip for so long now that I nearly missed ‘Signature Style‘ at Craft, only catching it on the last day.

exhibition media

exhibition media

Exhibition media: “Signature Style is a major group exhibition exploring models of collaborative practice in contemporary jewellery. Featuring the work of some of Melbourne’s most exciting artists and jewellery practitioners Signature Style will be a significant addition to the emerging discourse around collaboration and contemporary craft. Collaboration poses a very different method of working – by its very nature, collaboration eschews individual artistic identity in favour of some kind of ‘third’ position. Signature Style will examine new methodologies of working and ‘work’, thinking through the potentials of collaboration within craft and design.

Meredith Turnbull & Manon van Kouwijk

Meredith Turnbull & Manon van Kouwijk

The combination of pieces by Meredith Turnbull and Manon van Kouswijk is stunning; their display gorgeous and sympathetic. I noticed though that their collaboration was more a conversation, as there didn’t seem to be any pieces with both of their names against them. This differed from other artists collaborations, as most of these were attributed to both artists.

installation; Katherine Wheeler & Polly van der Glas

installation; Katherine Wheeler & Polly van der Glas

I also loved the work by Katherine Wheeler and Polly van der Glas. Even though hair and teeth are not really my thing, and the fingers freaked me out initially, it must be said that their materials seemed well-matched. Katherine has written on her blog about the collaboration, with some lovely images; I especially enjoyed reading that: “We have both found the most successful pieces within our installation are the ones that have been made together- and taken on the 3rd entity through the collaborative process- not entirely either artist’s signature style, but a successful merge of the two.

Tessa Blazey & Alexi Freeman

Tessa Blazey & Alexi Freeman

Thirdly, the dress by Tessa Blazey and Alexi Freeman is arresting. The shadow it creates on the wall is too beautiful.

Participating artists are:

  • Nicholas Bastin [site] & Matthew Dux
  • Dan Bell, Bianca Hester, Charlie Sofo, Nathan Gray, Christopher LG Hill, Liang Luscombe & Oliver van der Lugt
  • Tessa Blazey [site] & Alexi Freeman [site]
  • Michaela Bruton & Kane Ikin [site]
  • Milly Flemming [site] & Dani Maugeri [site]
  • Natalia Milosz-Piekarska [site] & Katherine Doube
  • Nina Oikawa & Bridget Bodenham [site]
  • Meredith Turnbull & Manon van Kouswijk
  • Karla Way [site] & Dylan Martorell [site]
  • Katherine Wheeler [site] & Polly van der Glas [site]


Karla Way has written about her work on her blog too, and has some amazing images of her incredible work with Dylan; while I found the sheer number of objects to look at a little overwhelming, my friend loved LOVED it [see her blog post here].

Natalia Milosz-Piekarska has also written about her work on her blog too. Her body piece is incredibly beautiful and the video shown alongside it, worn by dancer Katherine Doube is mesmerising.
Update (30th April): also see VettiLiveinNorthcote’s post for some lovely images of the installation.

Bridget Bodenham has also shared an image of her work with Nina.

Signature Style‘ was at Craft 8th March – 27th April 2013.



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