Happy birthday Ma!

12 04 2013

It’s my super-most-fabulously-awesome Mum’s birthday today.


For her 50th birthday I designed and commissioned a five-diamond pendant (I was living in London at the time, and cannot remember the name of the jeweller). So for this significant birthday I wanted to make a companion pendant.

I commissioned the wonderful Anna Davern to translate my design into reality.

I have been asked why I didn’t make this myself – the reasons are complicated, but include the fact that I wanted a more experienced jeweller to make this; plus I don’t yet make in gold and it seemed cost prohibitive to me to collect all the necessary materials (eg. solder, and to buy wire and chenier it’s usual to have to purchase a minimum length) for this piece.

Mum's pendant

Mum’s pendant

Happy birthday – love you Ma!



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