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7 04 2013

While I admit to being a late-adaptor, I have been enjoying many of the art and jewellery related Facebook pages. As I mentioned recently, I do think that this kind of platform may be overtaking blogging… but as long as I know where to go to find interesting things, I’m okay.

If you’re not already reading the National Gallery of Australia page, it’s pretty great and I’d recommend it.

This was on their page recently – it’s a wonderful example of how simple it is to share knowledge; how great it is that art-lovers are being educated in things jewellery.

Behind-the-scenes | Object conservation

Oh the bling! Objects Conservation is currently sparkling with jewellery which is being prepared for entry into the Gallery showcases and for an upcoming traveling exhibition. Some of the silver pieces had tarnished over time in storage but are now getting special attention prior to display.

The book necklace, made from 18 carat gold, silver, titanium and a ruby was created by Robert Baines in 1976. These images show before and after tarnish removal.

from NGA facebook page; click on image for original source

from NGA facebook page; click on image for original source

And the words “upcoming traveling exhibition” together with “jewellery” is most exciting!



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