What do you think?

3 04 2013

I’ve been keeping pretty quiet lately … lots of reading and at-home-on-sofa kind of activities. During one of my interwebs reading ramblings, I was led to this interview with gallery owner Elsa Vanier (Paris) on Art Jewelry Forum.

I found this quite thought-provoking: “…over time, the artist must “evolve.” He must propose new things over the years. Sometimes this is made difficult by the price of gold, but it is expected from an artist to have something to say about the world and not repeat himself.

Perhaps this can be added to debates about the delineation of ‘contemporary jewellery’? Is this part of the difference between an artist jeweller and a manufacturing jeweller? Thoughts?

I’m still thinking through the implications of the above … in the meantime though, I very much like her statement: [Jewellery] “… is deeply human. For me, a piece of jewelry connects to or is a catalyzer for our personality.



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