Herbert Hofmann awards at Schmuck 2013

25 03 2013

It’s a little late, and you’re likely to know this already …
The winners of the Herbert Hofmann Award at Schmuck 2013 were announced on 9th March 2013.

  • Robert Baines of Australia
    ‘Parrot’ – that´s the title of one of the works by Robert Baines. This is not the only piece of jewellery in which this Australian designer makes use of animal motifs. In his round and oval brooches Robert Baines plays with the depiction of animals ranging from serpents to teddy bears. In a humorous and ironic way, commented the jury, he hints at the forms of historic jewellery. Indeed, history is his point of departure for creating an expressive style of jewellery that is superbly executed and entirely his own.

    image from Gallery Loupe facebook page; click on image for original source

    image from Gallery Loupe facebook page; click on image for original source

  • Fumiki Taguchi of Japan
    The works of Fumiki Taguchi of Japan are reminiscent of medals and decorative marks of distinction – but only at first glance. According to the jury, Taguchi´s brooches inventively confront the cliché in Japan that the value of a work of jewellery is often based on the size and the quality of the gems. Fascinated by the forms of historic jewellery and medals, he turns away from the traditional employment of precious stones, creating instead a trompe l’oeil effect of diamonds in silver. The piece called ‘Expression of White’, for example, imitates the luminance of precious stones, confounding the eye. Taguchi´s very different approach certainly appealed to the jury.
  • Helina Lehtinen of Finland
    The group of works by Helena Lehtinen of Finland consists of seven different pendants. The work with the title ‘Family’, a composition of simple, reduced forms such as bars and disks, has the character of a still life in which each part relates to the others. What stands out, too, is the quality of the craftsmanship. The jury were attracted to the “clear austerity of the individual form” and the “composition of the group in different materials and delicate colours”.

The above text is from the Handwerk & Design website announcement.

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