RMIT Year 3: graduate exhibition

22 03 2013

Our final year exhibition was called ‘Out of the Basement‘. I love this title.

For those unfamiliar with RMIT G&S, our rooms were in the basement of building 2 – so this was a wonderful turn of phrase, and I’m still incredibly fond of it.

We’d decided to use the image from the previous year’s graduating exhibition book, with a slight twist. We were keen to develop a series, and hoped that following years may continue – a kind of motif for RMIT G&S. Happily they did for at least two more years after this.

book cover for exhibition 'Out of the Basement'

book cover for exhibition ‘Out of the Basement’

We had a great deal of difficulty in securing a location for our exhibition – a tip for any graduating class, start sorting this at the end of second year or the beginning of third year at the latest, seriously. We eventually agreed to ‘renovate’ an unused building across the grass courtyard outside building 2, called ‘The Cottage’. Apparently at one stage it was the space for G&S postgraduate students, but had fell into serious neglect.

Man, did that take some work. Though to be fair, a great deal of it was undertaken by our fabulous lecturer and technician. As it turns out, the university was so impressed and suddenly ‘remembered’ the space, that they then undertook to properly renovate it the following year.

I exhibited a group from my ‘Quilted Fragments‘ collection, and the ‘Mapping the Self group. And my essay ‘Stealing the Mona Lisa‘ was also published in the exhibition book – so I’m officially a published author.

Strangely, it seems that I didn’t take an photographs … though I cannot believe that! So I can only assume I have misplaced the photo files somewhere. That makes me very sad. I cannot even find a copy of the exhibition invitation. Any of my RMIT alumni with an invite, please do send me a scanned copy.

I’m glad to have found Fitzroyalty’s post, which includes some images of the exhibition – the second image, reproduced below, is my work (erm and yes, the bottom one is of unphotogenic me and the beautiful Lucy). Thank you Brian!

image by Brian Ward, Fitzroyalty; reproduced here under Creative Commons

image by Brian Ward, Fitzroyalty; reproduced here under Creative Commons; click on image for original source

I do have such intense memories of this exhibition, and the preparation for it (the auction, the book, the space) … ah, memories.

Graduates were (alphabetic by first name):

This is my last post in my series from my RMIT years. I’m happy to have all the projects (at least partially) documented here. Though it is a little sad that I’ve finished talking about them already.

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ps. As I was doing a little internet research for the exhibition, to see if anyone else had written about it, I found that the National Library of Australia‘s copy was ‘missing’. So I sent them an email asking if I could send them another copy for their collection – you know, doing my bit – and I’m pleased to say they accepted my offer. I love sharing the love!



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