More knitting fun

13 02 2013

Last time I wrote about my knitting extravaganza I promised a cardigan. Well … I did knit a cardigan, all 60 or more hours of it. It was a fail. A large fail. It didn’t fit properly and the shape was all wrong. Wrong I tell you.

To console myself, I then knitted a beautiful cowl.

my pink cowl

my pink cowl

In a change from the thin sock yarn (4ply), this is knitted in 10ply; it’s MadelineTosh Vintage in Corsage (this colourway is discontinued now) – I don’t usually like pink at all, but this is beguiling and gorgeous. The pattern is called Horseshoe Fern Neckwarmer (by Sue Grandfield).

Oh I know, it’s the middle of summer … but will I be cosy when it gets cold again!



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