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1 02 2013

I’ve set up an Etsy store. It’s true!

It’s here: Melbourne Jeweller on Etsy.

screen shot of my Etsy store; 30Jan13

screen shot of my Etsy store; 30Jan13

I’ve decided not to sell any more of my woven earrings through exhibitions or galleries – as much as I love galleries and love what they do, these pieces just aren’t selling that way. And therefore I hope they may find their own market through Etsy.

As I have an agreement with Lord Coconut to sell cufflinks through their store (which I love!), I won’t be selling any cufflinks through Etsy.

For now, I shall sell those pieces that I’ve made for exhibitions that haven’t sold.

I’m not sure about the pricing yet (I’ve used my wholesale price), as so much on Etsy seems lowly-priced, so am testing the waters for now … I shall see.



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1 02 2013

Best wishes for a successful venture Karen.

1 02 2013

Thank you so much for your kind wishes Sylvia!

2 02 2013
Lord Coconut

Thanks for showing such great support for the store. Very appreciated

27 12 2014
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