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29 01 2013

After writing yesterday’s post calling for contributions to my makers mark page (which I wrote over a week or more ago), I got my act together and finally decided on a design for my makers mark (I’m considering it my birthday present to myself).

In the past I’ve been all precious about the design, so much so that I couldn’t decide. The last few weeks I’ve realised that it’s just a mark, and not actually my identity (so to speak), and that something I really like (as opposed to something that is the personification of me) is perfectly fabulous.

Criteria: in a circle or oval, art-deco inspired font, just my initials.

The (not-selected) final contenders:
MakersMark_01_snail_ADJ  MakersMark_02_p22artdeco_ADJ

I really love the first one (and may still use it in the future for some purpose), but felt that it was too difficult to decipher when at the scale of a makers mark; and the second one looked a little too much like an ‘h’ when scaled down.

The final design – simple and striking and easy to read:

Karen Thompson, makers mark

Karen Thompson, makers mark

So I called Ivan, THE man for making makers marks / hallmarks. He’s so lovely. And his workshop is AMAZING! He has the biggest fly-press I’ve ever seen … it is so beautiful.

Ivan's workshop

Ivan’s workshop

I am beyond excited that I now have a makers mark.



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