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28 01 2013

Okay fellow Australian makers…. it’s time.
Time to include your makers mark (hallmarks) in my fledgling listing.

Do you have a makers mark?
If so, please do send the design to my email address so I can add it to my page.
If so, have you included it on your website / blog, so searchers know your mark?

I’ve noticed that galleries haven’t yet taken up the idea of including makers marks on their artist pages. Do you think this is a good idea?

If you don’t have a makers mark, why not?

My reasons include:

  1. I haven’t been able to decide on the design
  2. it’s not critical nor required for making in Australia
  3. I think it’ll be an expensive exercise (or maybe I’m just using that as an excuse)
  4. I’m not famous enough for a makers mark yet, no-one’s caring if I make stuff or not!

What are your reasons?

Actually, now I think of it, I best do one this year as the makers-mark maker is (how to be delicate…) not a young man, and I would like it to be made by the famous Ivan.



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28 01 2013

Ivan is lovely! Doesn’t mind a chat either! My hallmark only cost $231 all up. He was great with advice too- I wasn’t sure what to get so I showed him three and I asked him which one would work the best (as far as detail went). I am so pleased that I have a hallmark, it places an element of ownership/ pride on the work I make.

28 01 2013

Thanks Michelle! Without wanting to give too much away, I have another post lined up for publishing tomorrow about Ivan … and yes, he is SO lovely!

29 01 2013
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