I made things

3 01 2013

Mahahaha … I made many of the xmas presents I gifted this year.
The knitting fest continues!

I made my two beautiful nieces leg-warmers. I am such an awesome aunty!

Apparently my sister-in-law had to explain to the young ladies what leg-warmers were … hahaha. I would have knitted them socks, but they’re growing so fast they’d have grown out of them in no time.


legwarmers, purple, in detail

Purple ones for the elder, blue ones for the younger.

legwarmers, blue

legwarmers, blue

It was such a delight to knit in bright colours. The pattern is Prima, and the yarn is Colinette Jitterbug in Blue Saturn 18 and Purple Tan 30; it was gorgeous yarn to knit with.

Oh but wait, there’ll be more tomorrow



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