Commission: ‘Sweetpea’ earrings

17 12 2012

I’ve been such a lucky girl lately … another of my beautiful friends asked me to make them some jewellery!

My friend saw my ‘Summer‘ earrings, made for ‘Deck the Walls‘ at Studio 20/17, and liked the Sweetpea‘ colouring.

'Sweetpea' commission

‘Sweetpea’ commission; only a quick photograph before she wanted to wear them!; image not to be reproduced without permission

So I made a pair for her especially.

As she is a jeweller/maker herself, I decided to leave the hook shaping to her … and it’s so fabulous that she selected to have the ‘back’ as the ‘front’ … I love how someone else can see your work so differently, and it brings something new to work that may seem familiar…

It was such a joy to see her excited to receive them. Thank you darling!!



One response

17 12 2012

It is always gratifying to receive affirmation of our work, and to see how the piece engages with the wearer, as in this instance, when your friend chose a different a perspective.

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