Some more ‘Summer Earrings’

10 12 2012

Two more of the earrings I’ve sent to Studio 20/17 for ‘Deck the Walls‘, their Christmas Showcase 2012:

  • Sweetpea‘ (approx. 30 * 18mm) : reminds me of the beautiful sweet peas and flowers one of my lovely old neighbours grew; he had a wonderful rose garden and regularly cut flowers for me, his name was Ozzie and he was so gentle and nice … and old, yes pretty old

    ‘Sweetpea’, photograph not to be reproduced without permission

  • Glo-mesh‘ (approx. 35 * 21mm) : oh you know you wish you could wear glo-mesh every single day

    ‘Glo-mesh’, photograph not to be reproduced without permission

Deck the Walls‘ is at Studio 20/17 until 24th December 2012, and you get to take-away when you buy (not at the end of the show).



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17 12 2012
Commission: ‘Sweetpea’ earrings « Melbourne Jeweller

[…] My friend saw my ‘Summer‘ earrings, made for ‘Deck the Walls‘ at Studio 20/17, and liked the ‘Sweetpea‘ colouring. […]

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