Copies and rip-offs

5 12 2012

I have heard many stories over the years of independent jewellers experiencing their work being copied, or ‘ripped-off’ to be more crude.

Disgusting. Infuriating.

I have personally seen this happen – I was at a ‘pop-up market’ some time ago and noticed someone selling works that clearly copied a number of artists whose work I recognised. I knew which gallery represented at least one of the copied artists, I called them (and sent them a photograph) to let them know, as I had no way of contacting the artist myself. I understand action was taken to ask the copier to cease.

More awful are the ‘larger retailers’ who do this. The below has been shared by jeweller Megan Perkins (I use this image with her explicit permission):

copyright belongs to Megan Perkins; used here with explicit permission

copyright belongs to Megan Perkins; used here with explicit permission

Megan is apparently not the only maker this particular company has imitated.

I’d encourage everyone to do something if you see something!
Seriously, let us support members of our community if they’re being ripped off.

Do you have any other examples? Please do share – let us expose the organisations undertaking such unacceptable behaviour!

One may very well ask why this matters?

Sadly (my understanding is that) copyright is only afforded exact copies of signed and dated jewellery designs.

There are arguments that handmade jewellery is expensive and such (cheap, poor quality) copying is a way of making such designs affordable to those of a limited budget …

If you this is your line of thought, I respectfully suggest you’re not a maker yourself.

If you don’t understand why copying is a problem, I respectfully suggest you do not value originality or quality.

If you don’t understand, then no words nor explanation I put forth will matter or change your mind.



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