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30 11 2012

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  • Powerhouse Museum, ‘Love Lace‘ [link]; until April 2013
  • NGV ‘Containment2012 Cicely & Colin Rigg Contemporary Design Award [link]; “The participating artists in 2012 are: Garry Bish, Robin Bold, Emma Davies, Mark Edgoose, Neville French, Titania Henderson, Marian Hosking, Richard Morrell, Ian Mowbray, David Pottinger, David Ray, Owen Rye, Yhonnie Scarce and Katherine Wheeler.“; until 21st July 2013

1st December: Craft Hatch market [link]

1st December: last day for Craft Victoria, jewellery bonanza!!
(1) Melinda Young and Lauren Simeoni ‘unnatural tendencies‘ [link] and ‘unnatural acts‘ [link] [see my review post]
(2) Anna Davern & Lucy James ‘The Lost Voyage of Captain Foley and the HMS Laburnum‘ [link] [see my review post]
(3) Phoebe Porter ‘Unfold‘ [link] [see my review post]

1st December: last day for Lord Coconut, ‘Body to Body‘ Ellen Pitman [link]; “The works presented in ‘Body to Body, replicates the surface of butchered meat, replacing blood for precious metals. The work examines, replicates and recasts the surface of butchered meat and reforms it into items of jewellery to be worn on the body.” [see my review post]

1st December: last day for Studio 20/17, Bridie Lander ‘Silver & Sulphur‘ [link] -> in a fabulous development, Studio 20/17 have published the catalogue online! I LOVE this – it means that I can see the work when I can’t make it to Sydney

2nd December: last day for ‘Idol Hands‘, Box Hill Institute 2012 graduate exhibition of the Advanced Diploma of Engineering Technology (specialising in jewellery), SJS Gallery [link]

4th December: Studio 20/17 ‘Christmas Showcase 2012 – Deck the Walls‘ [link], a ‘take-away’ exhibition; I’m in this one!; until 24th December

5th December: last day for ‘Resting Points‘ exhibition, RMIT Object based Practice – Gold and Silversmithing and Ceramics (the new name for the old Gold and Silversmithing degree, combined now with ceramics) – think this must be the 1st and 2nd year groups [link]

6th December: Fresh! 2012, Craft Annual Graduate Exhibition [link]; showing 7-23rd December 2012

exhibition image; Megan Mitchell

8th December: last day for Moreland Summer Show, Counihan Gallery (Brunswick) [link]; “The Gallery’s annual group exhibition invites applications from practicing artists who live or work in the City of Moreland. Artists are invited to consider the many and varied interpretations of the circle, its numerical, symbolic, and literal qualities or its formal, abstract and imaginative attributes. Artists are encouraged to propose new work that responds to this motif in a creative and imaginative way.

8th December: last day for Gallery Funaki, Catherine Truman ‘some uncertain facts‘ [link]

9th December: Northcity4 Open Day, 11am – 3pm [link] … GET ALONG!!

15th December: last day for Hand Held Gallery, ‘Melt‘, Jill Hermans and Chloe McCall [link] (opened 20th November)

23rd December: last day for Bilk Gallery (Canberra), Mark Vaarwerk ‘Alchemy‘ [link] (opened 23rd November)

exhibition media

24th December: last day for Pieces of Eight Xmas exhibition ‘Divine Decadence‘ [link] (opened 20th November)

exhibition media

please tell me of other exhibitions or events
also check out Melissa Cameron’s excellent informative blog (especially for competitions)

plan ahead

1st February 2013: applications close for Bendigo Gallery Contemporary Australian Silver & Metalwork Award [link]; this looks to be the new equivalent for the previously-named BUDA award?

8-12th February 2013: RMIT Master Class with Julie Blyfield, Making it … Object Design for Jewellers [link]; “Julie Blyfield, well known contemporary jeweller and object maker, will guide participants in this Master Class towards developing an understanding of the object design process, from sketching and model making to translation into a three-dimensional object or series of objects. Participants will then explore and experiment with different media and methods of fabrication to produce one of their designs.

event media

Feb&March 2013: check out all the amazing classes you can take at Northcity4 [link] – especially for those new to jewellery!

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