Ellen Pitman ‘Body to Body’ @ Lord Coconut

26 11 2012

I think that ‘Body to Body‘, an exhibition by Ellen Pitman, is the first solo artist exhibition at Lord Coconut.

The majority of the exhibition are belt buckles, cast in various metals (though I understand custom orders are welcome in other metals).

exhibition media

Exhibition media: “Objects presented in ‘Body to Body’ replicate the surface of butchered meat, replacing blood for precious metal.  The material juxtaposition cushions the viewer from implicit horror, removing stains of reality: flesh, fluid, death; not unlike the process used by the meat industry to emotionally sanitise the consumption of meat.

It sounds worse than it looks … well, I was just a little worried initially (being of a delicate constitution!), but the textures are interesting in their own right. If you’re squeamish though, you may not like to know their origin.

The (human) belly button buckles are absolutely delightful; I like the idea of someone walking about fully dressed with a belly button belt buckle.

Body to Body‘ is at Lord Coconut until 1st December 2012.


ps. This is by no means a trivial question, but I’m not sure if belt buckles are jewellery or silversmithing? Not that it’s entirely necessary to label objects and making processes, it’s only a matter of which categories this post includes (helps with people finding posts etc) … What do you think? I used both categories for now…




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27 11 2012

Thanks a million. It’s been linked to my website and has been mentioned on Facebook and Twitter. Your support is always appreciated.

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