Stocking: Lord Coconut

16 11 2012

I’m pretty excited to make it public that I now have cufflinks stocked in Lord Coconut. … I know!!

The collection is called ‘Woven Cufflinks‘ … no, the title doesn’t need to be imaginative, for descriptive is sufficient here.

purple, navy, dark green, pale pink

Each pair provided as part of ‘Collection 1’ are 18mm round with woven paper and silver panel set under perspex (setting and fitting sterling silver).

Colours in this first set are: Onyx, Bronze, Navy, Dark Green, Purple, Red, Pale Pink and White.

onyx, bronze, white, red (only one, the other is in ‘rehab’)

There are plans to try out small ovals shortly …  with more varied weave colours … exciting yes.



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