Julia deVille ‘Bequeath’ @ e.g.etal

2 11 2012

Julia deVille‘s first solo exhibition in over five years is Bequeath‘ at e.g.etal.

This is a purely jewellery collection; no taxidermy here (just in case it may have bothered you).

photograph taken with gallery permission

While the skulls are certainly arresting and striking, I felt they distracted a little from the finer pieces and made it difficult to see all of them (some rings had spun around and I wouldn’t dare touch them to see, as I didn’t want to be responsible for the whole skull crashing to the floor!).

photograph taken with gallery permission

Exhibition media: “Julia’s work is characterised by the use of symbols and motifs from past eras. Her precious rings combine found settings from antique jewellery. Over several years, Julia has sourced antique jewellery and gemstones—their original owners long since deceased—waiting patiently for the right combination to form a new creation in her mind and then at her workbench. Through conceptual consideration and traditional and contemporary techniques she appropriates and reconfigures older pieces to form a new design.

The briolettes were especially lovely.

Julia deVille’s ‘Bequeath‘ is at e.g.etal until 3rd November 2012.



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