Blog roundup

22 10 2012

A quick whirl around the internets:

  • Chloe Smith shares details of her laser cutting experience – this is one for the resource list! [link]
  • Coconut Lu [link]and Jessica Morrison [link] tell the exciting news of the opening of their ‘Artifice’ gallery in Williamstown
  • love love love David Neale’s procrastination [link]
  • I really enjoy reading Elise Sheehan’s blog [link]
  • very much liking the new work from Emma Jane Donald [link]
  • also, check out the project on Pozzible of Emma Grace and NC4 [link]
  • [update] Vetti shares a lovely take on Susan Ewington’s ‘transference‘ exhibition (sad I didn’t get to see it) [link]

So much more good reading out there – get amongst it!



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