My socks #4

13 10 2012

Unfortunately this week hasn’t been so awesome energy-wise, however I have managed to light up my life with knitting my fourth pair of socks (well, fourth for me, seventh all up).

I know!

The colour of these is only just barely short of flourescent … so bright and cheerful. And this time my challenge was to learn cable stitch. Pah, easy.

my socks #4

Again I’ve used my favourite basic components: ‘Magic Cast-on‘ (by Judy Becker), basic sock body from Knit Picks, Stretchy bind-off (by Jeny Staiman). The body of the pattern is from Boyfriend Socks by Alice Bell (amended for my smaller foot); and the instructions for cables without a cable needle were from here. The yarn is Anzula Squishy, colour Key Lime.

I thought after the last pair that I may be socked-out … turns out not yet.



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15 10 2012

Hi Karen, Socks are a great way to spend your time and energy. When I was bedridden with chronic fatigue after glandular fever I read The Tales of Genji and have absolutely no memory of the text. At least socks are evidence of some activity. Your RMIT posts make me envious. I’m in second year at RMIT now and with the changes the school of art has made to the program (more history and theory) I feel like I’m hardly at the work bench. Theory presentation and history essay are done now so I’ve got two weeks of bench time til studio assessment. Take care and thanks for your blogging Jana

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15 10 2012

Hi Jana
I totally understand! My CFS hasn’t been that bad (considering how bad it can be) but the cognitive disfunction has been very difficult to manage, so I’ve been challenging myself to learn new skills each time I start a new pair of socks. A little something to feel like I’ve ‘made something’ of the downtime – as you say, ‘evidence of some activity’.
I haven’t posted much of my theory and history subjects – from sketchy memory, we had alternating semesters of theory/history and an elective. Not many in my class enjoyed the theory/history classes, it was often seen as an unwelcome detour from the main business of making … though I really liked the research and essay aspect. I like reading and learning stuff. Some of my research found a way into my making. Sadly though, the theory classes often didn’t cater to object-based practice; much of what was taught was paintings and media (because that was the focus of the lecturers) – but I still made my assignments about objects.
I understand that the contact hours have reduced in G&S – which isn’t great at all 😦
Best wishes with your prep for year-end …
I’d love to know details of the RMIT exhibitions – do you know dates / titles / links??

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