Kiko Gianocca, Marc Monzo ‘on second thoughts’ @ Gallery Funaki

5 10 2012

I have a soft spot for Kiko – he took one of our classes in our third year at RMIT; so I was very much looking forward to this exhibition. Add to that, Katie was one day wearing the most stunning gold earrings by Marc, and I couldn’t wait!

The conversation between the jewellery of Kiko Gianocca and Marc Monzo in ‘on second thoughts‘ is pretty special.

exhibition media; click on image for original source

Kiko’s work includes some rings with (what I would consider his ‘signature’) two-eye holes, molten neckpieces and enameled (I think?) plate brooches with images on the back. These brooches are beautifully constructed and conceived; they feel quiet when on the bench, though I imagine are fairly monumental when worn.

exhibition image; click on image for original source

The pieces I loved the most from Kiko were his silver-plated wooden pendants. Stunning simplicity; the texture is beguiling. I wanted one. I haven’t been able to find any images of them yet, though they are similar to those in his previous exhibition (as shown by ArtBlart here).

Exhibition media: “The jewellery of Kiko Gianocca (Switzerland) and Marc Monzó (Spain) is born of a need to make sense of the temporality, connectedness and the personal. Each uses a visual and material language entirely his own, yet both share a directness and minimalism that cut straight to the core of what it means to wear jewellery and imbue it with meaning.

This was the first time I’ve seen Marc’s work. I have no real explanation for it, though I felt there were two kinds of his work – restrained linear pieces and those referencing the ‘ring’ (like these). I was especially attracted to his little brooches, like those in the image below.

not from the exhibition; click on image for original source

There is so much to see in this exhibition, and to be truthful I’m not sure I’ve come to terms with it all yet!

What I do like about this exhibition is that much of it is the ‘quiet’ kind of contemporary jewellery … wonderful.

on second thoughts‘ is at Gallery Funaki until 20th October 2012.


Update (7th October): Gallery Funaki’s facebook page has a beautiful photograph of Kiko’s rings

from Gallery Funaki facebook; click on image for original source




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