Kim Victoria Wearne ‘Volcanic Opulence’ @ Pieces of Eight

4 10 2012

Another lovely jewellery exhibition at Pieces of Eight… Kim Victoria Wearne‘s Volcanic Opulence‘.

The pieces here are mostly precious metals and stones … and eminently desirable!

photograph taken with gallery permission

I’ve been reading Kim’s blog for some time now, and particularly like her approach to rings – her chosen shapes and textures.

Given my recent experience with opals – the ‘dag’ of the jewellery world – I feel even better placed than before to appreciate the opal rings in this exhibition … they’re a wonderful modern (sorry, I don’t usually like that word) take on the stone and I think they’re beautiful.

photograph taken with gallery permission

Exhibition media: “I am exploring the idea of the volcano: not as a destructive force, but rather as a romanticized metaphor for potential. The volcano is a beautiful and mysterious geographical mass that is eventually unable to contain its glittering and molten interior. It explodes and projects forth a resplendent shower of passionate, fiery beauty that overwhelms all in its path.

Kim has also shared some images of the work in this exhibition on her blog – it’s worth your time to have a look!

Kim Victoria Wearne’s ‘Volcanic Opulence‘ is at Pieces of Eight until 6th October 2012.



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