Opal intervention

1 10 2012

I may require an opal intervention.

Since the Oh Opal!‘ exhibition, I seem to continue buying little opals.
Not many of course. But some.

mostly opals (except for the moss agate)

This would be okay if I had a plan for them. I am buying them because they’re pretty (and not stupidly expensive). I expect a plan to materialize some time soon.

Three of them were bought for the exhibition, though didn’t get made into pieces as I went through the selection process.

Well, if I ever need an opal I know I have one.



4 responses

1 10 2012

Yay Karen!
I think the only answer is… not an intervention…
but a future solo exhibition!


2 10 2012

i haven’t learnt how to stone set yet, but I ACCIDENTALLY bought about 15 opals a little while ago cause they were all so awesome I couldn’t leave them behind… next on my list of things to learn!

PS – lovely to meet you! loving your blog 🙂

8 12 2012
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12 12 2012
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