26 09 2012

Another outcome of my recent organisation was that I’ve decided which pieces to ‘recycle’. Essentially, these the metal in these will be sold to a metal merchant for ‘refining’ (melting down and reuse).

image not to be reproduced without permission

It’s a funny thing – but I now think I’ve had enough time and space from my degree at RMIT to be ready to destroy these pieces. As I’ve mused before, these pieces aren’t representative and I don’t like them enough to even keep them. They are adequately documented and I’m ready to let them go.

In the end, I decided to hold off the execution of the brooch and have it sitting as a little sculpture on my book-stand for the time being.

While I was deconstructing the ring, I was impressed with myself with the construction quality – go me! Also, I was also pretty chuffed with the fitting on the neckpiece, so will keep that too.

It was a pretty cathartic experience really … letting go is often a good thing.

A separate group is those that will be re-worked, where an element of the piece will be made into something else. More when I get around to working on them … which could be a long while yet.



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