My socks #2

19 09 2012

As promised recently, I have already knitted my Nana her socks – though don’t tell her, they’re her xmas present.

And I have also made a second pair for me … a patterned sock. The plan was to progress from learning how to make a basic sock, to a pattern and then to a lace sock – all to keep my hands busy and my mind engaged.

my second pair of socks

I liked the look of slipped-stitches, and so chose a pattern that used that technique.

Again, I’ve done a bit of a mash-up of patterns:

sock awesomeness

The yarn is the same make as the one I used for Mum’s socks, Colinette Jitterbug, and is the colour Gauguin. Interestingly, the yarn isn’t as soft as Mum’s; I wonder if the dye colour has something to do with that, perhaps the darker colours are less ‘soft’ or something?

It’s very dark and I kind of like its moodiness. And the pattern makes for a thicker fabric, so they’re really very cosy.


After this effort, I feel I may be all socked-out. I have a new jewellery project I need to get into, so perhaps knitting will take a break for a little while. Or perhaps not. We’ll see!



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