Later this month

17 09 2012

In just over a week, an exhibition ‘Art of the Cuff‘ will open at Lord Coconut.

Exhibition media: “The select group of Melbourne-based contemporary artists, jewellers & designers involved in the exhibition were each given a French Cuff to customise. The collected cuffs will reflect the contemporary jewellery in-store at Lord Coconut and how it links to their own artistic practice.

I thought the idea was fabulous, one that I could have fun with. And so I did. I approached this concept with more play and less seriousness than I think I’ve done in a long long time (and that’s a good thing).

‘Show-off’ cufflink and custom cuff; image not to be reproduced without permission

I’m looking forward to seeing in alongside the cuffs interpreted and customised by other artists (hopefully I’ll make it to the gallery to see it!).



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