Calendar: October 2012 sneak peek

15 09 2012

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update for September 2012

18th – 20th September: Vito Bila, ‘Narrative within hand made vessels‘; Monash University, Room D209, Fine Art Building (D), 900 Dandenong Road, Caulfield East

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25th September: Gallery Funaki, ‘on second thoughtKiko Gianocca & Marc Monzo [link]; until 20th October

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25th September: Redox Jewellery Studio, Chris Sherwin ‘Precious Evolution‘ [link]; until 14th October

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now for October 2012

all month

  • Powerhouse Museum, ‘Love Lace‘ [link]; until April 2013

1st October: last day for applications to Talente [link]

5th October: last day for First Site Gallery, Katie Jayne Britchford ‘Heart of Stone‘ [link]

6th October: last day for Pieces of Eight, Peta Kruger ‘This Fool’s Gold‘ [window] & Kim Victoria Wearne ‘Volcanic Opulence‘ [vitrine]

7th October: last day for Melbourne Museum ‘The Wonders of Ancient Mesopotamia‘ [link]

12th October: Susan Ewington ‘Transference‘, Gallery One Three [link]; “In this exploration of the relationship of photography and object, contemporary jeweller Susan Ewington is set to blend the boundaries of traditional image making and metal-smithing.“; until 23rd October

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13th October: last day for Lord Coconut ‘Art of the Cuff‘ group exhibition [link]

19th October: Craft Victoria – it’s a jewellery bonanza!

(1a) Melinda Young and Lauren Simeoni ‘unnatural tendencies‘ [link]; “unnatural tendencies is the latest incarnation of Simeoni and Young’s collaboration and draws inspiration from a shared unnatural materials and the imagined narratives that they suggest. unnatural Tendancies is also informed by the subtle, unnatural shifts between the inner suburbs of Adelaide and Sydney, particularly in relation to the areas’ botany, architecture, people and sensibilities at once so similar, yet slightly strange. the works in Simeoni and Young exhibition are distillations of conversations, drawings and the time spent exploring the backways and byways of their inner suburbias. Their work reveals things that are both natural and unnatural, where there is a sensory shift in place. The duo has created strangely beautiful wearable objects, inspired by their surroundings then filtered through time and space.“; until 1st December

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(1b) ‘unnatural acts‘ [link]; “unnatural acts is a group exhibition of jewellery works, curated by Lauren Simeoni and Melinda Young. unnatural acts is a development of Simeoni and Young’s ‘unnatural, Naturally’ exhibition concept and features the work of eight Australian jewellers: Anna Davern, Caz Guiney, Kath Inglis, Bridget Kennedy, Peta Kruger, Sim Luttin, Natalia Milosz-Piekarska and Mark Vaarwerk. Each artist in unnatural acts was sent a bag of materials consisting of an odd collection of fake fruits, vegetables and other plant matter. Their brief was simply to make a small collection of wearable jewellery using or responding to the contents of the bag.“; until 1st December

(2) Anna Davern and Lucy James ‘The Lost Voyage of Captain Foley and the HMS Laburnum‘ [link]; “Artists Anna Davern and Lucy James will combine their shared obsessions of collage, composition and storytelling to present a tongue-in-cheek perspective of colonialism and the 18th Century fascination for the bizarre creatures that were brought back from the strange new continent of Australia.“; until 1st December

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(3) Phoebe Porter ‘Unfold‘ [link]; “Drawing inspiration from process driven design, such as the early works of Dutch designer Emmy Van Leersum, jeweller Phoebe Porter has made a series of pieces investigating the bracelet form using cut and folded titanium sheet metal.“; until 1st December

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21st October: last day for Incinerator Gallery, ‘Bilk on Tour‘ [link]

please tell me of other exhibitions or events …
also check out Melissa Cameron’s excellent informative blog (especially for competitions)

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