Makers Mark auction today

13 09 2012

The auction of Makers Mark jewellery is this morning.

I sent an email to the NGV (as well as sending the same via their facebook page too) …. begging them to consider purchasing some amazing jewellery at this auction. Sadly, I received no response.

I recognise that the staff at the gallery are very busy people (when I’m my more usual fabulous self, I’m a professional too and understand how busy work-life is); though it’s not exactly encouraging to supporters of the gallery that I’m offered no response at all. What did I expect you may ask? Not a whole lot in all seriousness, perhaps just a two-liner saying thanks for the information and they’re looking into it. It’s not a big deal, though I do hope they’ll be sending a representative today…

Anyhoo, if you’re going today I wish you all the luck in the whole wide world in bidding for your coveted piece! I’d love to hear about it …


Update (13th September): the results of the auction are here



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