My socks #1

11 09 2012

As mentioned in the last post, I have made myself some socks!

These were made out of the yummy yarn I shared a little while ago. I’m a bit disappointed though, as the richness of the skein doesn’t seem to translate into what I hoped was a brooding colour palette when knitted up.

my socks

I must thank my friend Nic, who shared a link to PurlBee a few months back … that was what got me inspired to think of making my own socks. Then I found it wasn’t that easy to read the sock startup patterns, and so thought a class was the best way to go – so joined in with a Morris & Sons class. Even though I only made it to the first of three classes, that was enough to teach me how to use the ‘magic loop’ method and it was all systems go from there!

The pattern I’ve used is a little bit of a mash-up (oooh, look at me being all ‘modern’ and ‘fusion’ and stuff):

  • I tried both cuff-down and toe-up, and preferred the latter
  • the cast-on is one recommended by my new favourite knitting blogger Cassy from Knit the Hell Out,Magic Cast-on‘ (by Judy Becker)
  • the majority of the sock pattern is from a free online pattern at Knit Picks; it is for two-at-a-time, but I’m only doing one at a time at the moment; I also cross-referenced this with one of Cassy’s patterns, Summer Slice, just to be sure I understood the pattern
  • then the bind-off is also one of Cassy’s recommendations, Stretchy bind-off (by Jeny Staiman)

I am also a modelling superstar

Next pair of socks will be for my Nana (don’t tell her, it’s a surprise); then I’ll try a more complicated pattern for me.



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