Knitting is my new zen

8 09 2012

Regular readers will have noticed that lately I haven’t been writing as many exhibition reviews. And I’ve mentioned a few times that I’m not quite ‘my usual fabulous self’.

Without getting into ‘too much information’ territory, I have been diagnosed with a chronic illness and haven’t been getting out of the house much in the last few months. It’s fine (considering), it’s not terminal; but the manifestation of the illness is that my energy is often zapped / non-existent. Hence, very few exhibition visits. It has made me pretty sad, as I’ve missed out on some amazing shows I very much wanted to see.

With little energy to do much (and that energy arriving and disappearing unpredictably), I’ve rediscovered my love for knitting. It doesn’t take much out of me, and I have been trying out new things to keep my mind occupied too.

I’m most especially pleased with learning how to make socks. Wee-hee! Socks!!

When I’m knitting I can get into a quiet zone where I don’t feel so restless; and it’s a wonderful feeling to make something for someone else. Most importantly, it’s so much more nourishing than watching day-time television (seriously, that stuff is toxic).

I’ve made my dad some, and now I’ve made my mum a pair too.

my mum is a modelling superstar

The yarn was so beautiful I have ordered myself another skein. It’s Colinette Jitterbug, Rose Garden (no: 154).

in detail

I’ve also made myself a pair of socks (in different yarn). I’ll share more about them soon, including the pattern (in case you want to knit too!).

So, sorry about not being able to write about the excellent events and exhibitions that have been taking place … I hope to resume ‘normal programming’ within a few months … until then, never fear, I will continue getting my craft on and making jewellery too.

Happy making!



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