RMIT Year 2 exhibition

3 09 2012

Before I move on to third year pieces, a little mention of the year-end exhibition.

As I wrote in my Year 1 exhibition post, at RMIT second and first year students are required to take part in a year-end exhibition. And this year our group had naming rights – not as easy as you’d imagine!

Our exhibition was called ‘Construct‘ and was at the RMIT Faculty of Arts Gallery. Organising it required more effort than we could have imagined! The bump-in (‘professional’ term for the setting up of the exhibition in the gallery space) took our class two days of work in the gallery; and we couldn’t have done it without the extensive work of Mark Edgoose (lecturer) and Jason Wade (technician).

There was no book or catalogue made for the show; and I am quite disappointed that I cannot find the invitation anywhere (if anyone has one, please do send me a scan of it!).

So instead, I shall share two new photographs of the teapot that nearly killed me, after it was silver-plated.

silver teapot; image not to be reproduced without permission

silver teapot; mood shot; image not to be reproduced without permission

Ah, memories.

Maybe I could cut the unsatisfactory handle off the top of the teapot (even though that was one hell of a soldering feat!) and make the ‘bowl’ into something more useful … I don’t like to see so much metal wasted (especially as I don’t display it), and I had so many beautiful ideas at the time of the project that I could perhaps resurrect.

If you’re an RMIT alumni, what have you done with your teapot??



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