Rework or recycle?

3 08 2012

I’ve been thinking more and more about reworking or recycling (melting down) some of the pieces I made in my early years at university.

These are pieces I have squirreled away and will never (never ever!) wear or show … and it is extremely unlikely they will ever be included in any retrospective exhibition of my awesome career (funny!).

The years have passed, I have documented them adequately, and I am no longer as sentimentally attached to some of them. Some of these I just plain dislike.

There are some pieces I already have some creative ideas about reworking … and some I think I’ll just melt down for the metal value (I’ve been influenced by recent discussions about sustainable practice).

Have you kept all of your earlier pieces? What are your thoughts about repurposing pieces that are utterly unused (and perhaps even unliked!)?



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26 09 2012
Recycling « Melbourne Jeweller

[…] had enough time and space from my degree at RMIT to be ready to destroy these pieces. As I’ve mused before, these pieces aren’t representative and I don’t like them enough to even keep them. […]

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