Jewellery at auction: Makers Mark

3 08 2012

Just a quick post – I’ve only just discovered that Leonard Joel auction house (in Melbourne) will be holding an auction [link] of what seems to be remaining stock from the now-defunct Maker’s Mark jewellery gallery.

It’s on 13th September … there are some interesting pieces, particularly some older 80s pieces that seem to have been in old exhibitions at the gallery.

Those artists named against pieces (many are unknown):

  • Jan and Tim Aerundell , Valerie Akid , Diana Anderson , Dianne Appleby
  • Helen Atkin-Kuhn , Merlyine Bailey , Godwin Baum , Gary Bradley
  • Annie Brownsworth , Susan Cohn , Carolyn Delzoppo , Arlene Fisch
  • Hendrik Forster , Peter Gertler , Villiama Grakalic , Ragnar Hanson
  • Kevin James , Greg John , Rosalie Lou , Carlier Magikawa
  • Sally Marsland , Siri Omberg , Liz Olah , Hugo Oliverio
  • Russell Petherbridge , Atika Rae , Wendy Ramshaw , Dan Scurry
  • Imogen Smith , Gillian Snadden , Catherine Truman , Peter Tully
  • Adam Wyspianski

Maybe these artists may like to know their older pieces are for sale, perhaps they can reclaim them?

Or, maybe the NGV should get to the auction and add to their contemporary jewellery collection?

[disclaimer: I am not at all associated with the auction house and this is not a requested advert]


Update: just after posting the above, I decided to send a message to the NGV (via email and facebook; I wasn’t sure if I still had the correct email address, so covered both bases). They of course may already be all over this, but I felt it was too important an opportunity to leave to chance.

I usually consider emails private conversations – but in this case, as it’s my text and message, I’ve decided to share it here … as a kind of ‘open letter’ to the NGV, begging them to take this opportunity to add to their contemporary jewellery collection.

You may already know this, but I couldn’t leave it unsaid in case you didn’t.

Leonard Joel auction house (in Melbourne) is, on 13th September, auctioning pieces from the now defunct Makers Mark jewellery gallery.

This strikes me as an exceptional opportunity for the NGV to add to their collection of contemporary jewellery, especially the Australia-made section.

There are some early pieces here from some well-established names in the Australian jewellery community.
The estimates seem to be astonishing considering the makers, and also when compared to gallery prices.
Further though, many of the pieces here seem to be from the 1980s and even 70s – when on earth will these ever resurface on the market?!
The success of the recent ‘Unexpected Pleasures’ exhibition surely indicates the interest in this art form!

I am barely falling short of begging the NGV to consider whether any pieces on offer for sale fit into the contemporary jewellery story the NGV wants to tell the jewellery community and the wider gallery audience.

No, it’s not my best work … but it’ll do the job I think!

Being realistic though, the department probably already have a set budget and may not be able to do anything … but no harm in trying.


Update (7th August): I’ve just had another look at the auction catalogue and the item previously attributed to Sally Marsland has been altered and is no longer named as hers (see comments for more information). And maybe my memory is rubbish, but it may be that some of the estimates are a little higher than they were last time I looked … maybe??


Update (10th August): I’ve just had a comment from Helen Aitken-Kuhn who has advised the piece attributed to her isn’t hers after all. The incorrect attributions is certainly a concern.

This may sound odd – if you have any means of contacting any of the artists named in this auction could you please do so, so the artists have a chance to confirm ‘their piece’?




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5 08 2012
David Neale

great tip-off, K!
Crazy low price estimates
My pick :
Sally Marsland, pre-Funaki era holloware-RARE!!
Wendy Ramshaw rings- big UK name, wearable
Cohn Earrings- Melbourne Classic
Godwin Baum- super-classic goldsmithing

6 08 2012

Oh I agree … especially like the Godwin Baum pieces too

5 08 2012
David Neale

I contacted Sal Marsland about that piece, she says ( if I understand her correctly…) that she didn’t make it…!

6 08 2012

Lordy! WOW!
Incorrect attribution is quite uncool.
Nice detective work though Mr Neale. I was actually hoping many of the artists would find out that their work is (apparently!) being sold; though I must say I didn’t even consider that pieces may not be correctly named.
Hopefully this is a one-off mistake and all the other pieces are correctly attributed …. Mmmm

10 08 2012
Helen Aitken-Kuhnen

I saw the link last nite and I have just asked for my name to be struck off it is not my piece. it is quite worrying that auction houses can do this.
Helen Aitken-Kuhnen

10 08 2012

gosh Helen – thank you for your comment, I’ll strike-through your name too
I’m so glad you had a chance to correct them

I agree it is worrying and astonishing
I wonder though if the errors are caused by incorrect record-keeping at Makers Mark?

10 08 2012
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13 09 2012
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11 12 2014

Hi all, I know this is a really old post but in searching Makers Mark this seemed like a group of esteemed individuals to ask. Are there any stores who are playing a similar role to Makers Mark in Melbourne these days? I was very disappointed when MM shut down as it is the store I bought my wife all of her major pieces (engagement, wedding, anniversaries) since we met and try as I might I havent come across a store to replace MM. Any suggestions?

11 12 2014

Hi Chris
There are a number of excellent galleries in Melbourne – check out the Links Page on this blog.
As a starting point though, I’d highly recommend e.g.etal (Flinders Lane) and Pieces of Eight (just off Bourke St) as places to start; and Gallery Funaki (also just off Bourke) is exceptional.
Best wishes – what a lucky wife!

11 12 2014

Thanks Karen!

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