RMIT Year 2, Semester 2, Enamelling #1

25 07 2012

The elective I took in second semester second year was Enamelling, as I had enjoyed it so much in first year.

Second year, second semester, Enamelling, project #1: ‘Champleve‘

Champleve is enamelling into a recess in metal – which can be created either by carving, etching or layer soldering (with high temperature, IT, solder).

For this project I took for inspiration a photograph I had taken of a plane tree in winter – one of the iconic Melbourne images in my opinion (especially as I worked in the city, and they’re everywhere).

Each component was made of two layers of fine silver, the top layer saw-pierced and soldered to the bottom layer.

components; image not to be reproduced without permission

The shape in the top layer is derived from the photograph – below. The pieces were rivetted together.

enamel neckpiece; image not to be reproduced without permission

I don’t really think this is a successful piece: the rivets do not seem robust enough, the fitting isn’t robust enough for the weight of the piece, and the articulation of the rivets isn’t ideal. Perhaps this is a contender for a re-working?

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