New piece: ‘Opal03’ brooch

23 07 2012

I’ve made it into the studio and have finished a piece that I started when I was working on the Oh Opal!‘ exhibition.

This is quite a different opal to the others I’ve made into pieces so far. Opal03 is entirely opaque and in earthen colours, with a very slight streak of dark blood-red through the edge of the top (sadly not visible in this image). I liked this opal for these reasons, as it was such a contrast to the disco-tastic opal stereotype.

‘Opal03’ brooch; image not to be reproduced without permission

It is of similar construction to the other pieces, though I seemed to me it befitted a brooch more than a pendant.

The images may not show it well, but the paper colours are so beautiful and subtle.

In terms of scale, the opal is 21 * 17mm.

‘Opal03’ brooch back; image not to be reproduced without permission

It may only just be visible in the above image, but in-between the paper-weave and perspex is lots of fine silver lemel … like a snow-dome! This was a little boo-boo. I momentarily forgot that I hadn’t yet filed the bezel down to the right height yet, and popped the opal in to set it. Oh oh, I did such a super job with a snug bezel that for the life of me (and Julia, my studio-buddy) it wouldn’t budge out. My only option was to file down the bezel with the setting already attached to the paper and perspex – and so, silver filings fell all around and got stuck under the paper. It’s a shame, as I liked the sharp view of the paper weave under the perspex – but we live and learn!

This is one of the few pieces I’ve made for myself for ages. Feels good to finish it.



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