Getting my craft on: crochet

18 07 2012

Crochet. So nana-rific!

I think this is the first time since I was a teenager that I’ve taken up the crochet hook. No, that’s not code.

cowl 1

As I mentioned in my knitting post, I’ve now crocheted the cowl I planned. In 2-ply Mongolian cashmere (no less!).

I enjoyed making it … so much so, I used the remaining yarn to make a smaller version (which I think I’ll gift to my mum).

cowl 2

To be truthful, I was really very disappointed with the colours. I had ordered them online, so of course some colour difference is expected. However the jade green here was called ‘Jade Sapphire’ and I expected it to be a dark green-blue; though the yarn I received had no blue in it at all sadly. I was so sad. Even more disappointing than the blue-green difference was the difference of the other yarn; I ordered ‘Driftwood’ which was shown as a washed soft grey colour, however I received a dye lot that was more honey-beige-brown than grey. So unhappy about the colours, and it was such expensive yarn too. Lesson learned I think. Take care when ordering yarn online.

cowl 1 on … yes, blurry photograph of awesomeness

Next project is to learn how to knit socks … so excited!



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19 07 2012

Beautiful crochet Karen! But I cant believe you order online when you live so close to the coburg wool shop!

19 07 2012

thank you Lucy! you are quite right … this purchasing matter is one I intend to correct immediately

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