Getting my craft on: knitting

12 07 2012

I love knitting. Seriously, I love it.

I’ve been spending some of the last few weeks knitting. With beautiful teal-blue wool, so soft and lovely (merino and cashmere), it’s been an absolute joy.

It’s meditative for me; well, once I’ve got the pattern memorised and I’m past the squirmy starting stage.

This was my first time using double-pointed needles; I like learning something new.

starting; there are only three needles in this photograph, but that’s because I’ve just finished a row; four are actually used at one time

I planned to make hand warmers (yes, just like leg warmers, but for your hands) for a friend’s birthday; and decided that as it was my first time using the technique, and as the pattern said I could get two pairs from one skein of the wool, I decided to make the first pair for me (as I expected they’d likely include some ‘inclusions’!).

my handwarmers

I hope my friend likes her pair.

My next crafty project (I am still making jewellery-type-stuff in the studio in-between) will be to crochet a cowl in 2ply cashmere (can’t wait to feel it – so fine and so soft and warm) in sapphire and driftwood colouring. So excited …



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