Getting my craft on: embroidery

7 07 2012

The last few months have seen a flourishing of handcrafts in chez moi.

When I had my beautiful silver-pale-grey velvet (German cotton, top quality, thank you) curtains made, I was generously given a small amount extra of the velvet to potentially use for other coordinating soft furnishings.

I decided to use some of it to make curtain ties, as I hadn’t had any made at the same time as the curtains.

The pattern of the embroidery is inspired by the graphics of a blog I found a few months ago.

in progress

I chose as many shade of grey as I liked … seven. Seven shades of grey. I really likes this phrase … until I heard about a popular new book of erotic fiction, it ruined my ‘shades of grey’ moment.

completed curtain ties; all made my hand

For a sense of scale, the squares in the stitching design are 20mm square each. Just in case you wanted to know.

Now to attach the hooks to the window frame and we’re all go.



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