Pricing jewellery – update

3 07 2012

It’s been just under a week since I asked for help with an ‘hourly rate’ survey.

To date the post has received lots of fabulous comments and many people have read it (at least according to my traffic stats). Though many seem to be shy about contributing to the survey.

The results as at 9:30pm last night are below, from only 16 responses (thank you to the few who voted):

survey results, 930pm 2nd July 2012

I feel it’s important that jewellers, especially those emerging and starting to figure out how it all works, gain a feeling for what the market does. And rarely would any of us feel comfortable enough to impose upon another jeweller and come outright and say “so, what do you charge per hour” … or is that just me?!

If you haven’t already, please do contribute to the survey below (sorry to international readers; this is only in AUS$, other currencies will confuse the results with exchange rates and such). I’ll update again in a week with the results at that time.

Thank you!
(Also: I’ve added a link to the survey in the sidebar … )


And in an excellent case of good timing, I spotted this on Northcity4’s facebook page.
It took a little searching, but I think the original text may have come from here.

one to remember!




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11 07 2012
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