Pricing jewellery … continued

29 06 2012

Further to my previous post … a related issue is the inclusion of ‘manufactured’ versus ‘handmade’ components. The main argument being that including a manufactured component would inevitably reduce the price of the piece.

Typical components considered here include brooch pins, clasps, cufflink backs, chains … and just recently I found that even ready-made bezel settings can be bought! Of course there are lots and lots of components that can be bought… it’s just that I haven’t needed to look before.

If I bought a sterling silver manufactured 20mm bezel ‘cup’ it would cost less than $5 … but the time it takes me to make, even if I only charged $20 an hour, would be way more than that.

At RMIT we were instructed NOT to include any manufactured components in our pieces. Naturally, we were there to learn how to make and knowing how to make such components was important.

I very much doubt anyone would consider including a manufactured component in an exhibition piece – but where is the balance for ‘production’ pieces?

What are your thoughts??



Also, I’ve had lots of people reading my previous post, thank you so much! But not many readers have contributed to the survey. Please please please do vote and indicate what you charge for your hourly rate. (Sorry to international readers, but this is only in AUS$ … other dollars will confuse the results!!)

It is so interesting to everyone, especially to emerging jewellers. I cannot see who votes for what – so your privacy is totally assured!

Thank you so much to those who have contributed to the survey. The results are fascinating so far. There seems to me to be a pretty obvious split – I wonder if that’s emerging versus experienced jewellers, or full-time makers versus those who supplement their income with other work… so interesting.

And if you want to see the results, just click on “View Results” at the bottom of the survey. Please do let me know if you’ve experienced any troubles.




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