Calendar: June 2012

31 05 2012

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  • Melbourne Museum ‘Top Designs 2012‘ [link]; until 15th July
  • NGV ‘Top Arts 2012‘ [link]; until 15th July
  • NGV ‘Unexpected Pleasures – The Art and Design of Contemporary Jewellery‘ [link]; until 26th August 2012
  • Melbourne Museum ‘The Wonders of Ancient Mesopotamia‘ [link]; until 7th October 2012
  • Powerhouse Museum, ‘Love Lace‘ [link]; until April 2013

1st June 2012: last day for application to New Traditional Jewellery 2012 award [link]

2nd June: last day for Studio 20/17 (Sydney), annual Winter showcase ‘Very Simple Proofs, The Trivial Ring‘ [link]

2nd June: last day for Christopher Earl Milbourne ‘Trinity Timeline‘, Middle of the Air [link]; “Christopher Earl Milbourne is a dynamic Melbourne-based artist specialising in hollowware based objects. His exhibition has a unique visual method and will showcase a small selection of highly refined/ semi-destroyed hollow-ware objects in a linear timeline installation.

5th June: Studio 20/17 (Sydney), Claire McArdle ‘Public Displays of Attention‘ [link] until 16th June

5th June: Gillian Hillman ‘Exploding Images‘ at Alliance Francaise Melbourne [link]; until 15th June

12th June: Gallery Funaki, Lisa Walker ‘seep’ [link]; until 7th July

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14th June: RMIT lecture, Lisa Walker ‘Glee’, 6-7pm; RMIT University, City Campus, Building 8 (Swanston St), Level 11, Room 68

lecture media

16th June: Northcity4 workshop, Penny Jagiello ‘Message in a Bottle‘ [link]

16th June: Craft Victoria, Craft Hatch Market [link]

17th June: Northcity4 workshop, Nicky Hepburn’Keepsake‘ [link]

19th June: Studio 20/17 ‘The Year was 2006‘ [link]; “An exhibition of 100 jewellery pieces made in 2006.”” 2006. It was a common year that started on a Sunday. John Howard was PM, the Yellow Wiggle retired for health reasons, Pluto was no longer classified as a planet and the Global Financial Crisis was still 2 years away from being purely known as the GFC.“; until 30th June

exhibition media

22nd June 2012: last day for application to National Contemporary Jewellery Award 2012 [link]

23rd June: last day for Pieces of Eight, Krista McRea ‘Many Facets‘ [link]

28th June: Nicole Polentas & Christopher Earl Milbourne ‘Psychomanteum‘ at Gaffa Gallery; see my review of their show when it was in Melbourne

29th June: last day for application to Studio 20/17 ‘For the Love of Coffee‘ exhibition [link]; “We are looking for jewellers who love their coffee. We don’t expect it to be the ‘be all and end all’ of your existence, but we think it might or should, come in a pretty close second. You could say that this show is not so much about the work rather the stories and anecdotes that are shared about or over a good strong cup of Joe.

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25th July 2012: last day for application to 2012 ITAMI International Craft Exhibition, the theme this year is ‘Shuki-Shuhaidai’ (sake ware) [link]

3rd August 2012: Craft Victoria ‘Craft Cubed‘ [link]

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