Warwick Freeman ‘making dust’ @ Gallery Funaki

26 05 2012

Finally, I’ve made it to a jewellery exhibition in Melbourne! Hoorah! Sadly though, it was on this exhibition’s last day – but at least I made it to Warwick Freeman’s ‘making dust‘ at Gallery Funaki.

The key piece ‘dust‘ is a pretty amazing collection of panels on which Warwick has adhered dust that he has meticulously collected from his studio (an example is below). I understand that he was incredibly careful to collect the dust from each material he works with and displays them here on cards (with a non-coloured binder) … the collection gives the viewer what is essentially a condensed view of his colour palette.

exhibition media; click on image for original source

A few of the pieces reminded me of birds and faces (below) and noses … and triggered, as expected, my resistance to figurative works. That’s okay, it’s just the way I am; I don’t dislike them, I simply cannot find I can connect with them.

exhibition media; click on image for original source

I did respond to two rings of large pieces of lapiz lazuli … displayed as though the stone was a plinth. I liked the gentle humour in this.

There is quite a range of materials and symbols / iconography …

Exhibiton media: “Warwick Freeman’s latest exhibition explores form, material and the quiet profundity of the everyday object. The rear wall of the gallery features Freeman’s new installation, ‘Dust’, a kind of documentary record featuring the residual dust of sixty materials that the artist has used in his jewellery making, mounted on boards and offering a graphic palette of Freeman’s practice. His jewellery pieces; carved, found or both, are imbued with the directness, honesty and talismanic power that are the hallmarks of his artistic vision.

While I very much enjoyed his last show at Gallery Funaki, ‘spring collection‘ (I can hardly believe it was almost three years ago!), I had more trouble putting the various components of this show ‘together’ in my mind. I expect this is more to do with my fragmented attention than anything else.

Warwick Freeman’s ‘making dust‘ was at Gallery Funaki from May 1st to 26th 2012.



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