‘Oh Opal!’ @ Redox Jewellery Studio

4 05 2012

As I wasn’t going to make it to the ‘Oh Opal!‘ opening celebration at Redox Jewellery Studio tonight, I popped in during the day to see the exhibition.

image taken with gallery permission

The show is so diverse! And the display is simple, making each object stand out, and just works beautifully.

All but one piece in the show had an opal as part of it. This is pretty interesting upon reflection … I know my own experience was that I original thought to ‘re-imagine’ the opal and not even include the stone in the piece, though changed my mind to include it (as the point it to try to change the general perception of the gem) … I wonder if this was the similar experience of others?

image taken with gallery permission

Artists in the exhibition are all participants in the Part B jewellery gathering (this was the original listing, I’ll confirm again to make sure; updated 6th May with information from the gallery):

  • Justine Austen [site]: ‘Technopal‘, the second-to-right piece in the above image
  • Dianne Beevers: ‘Opal torc‘, clear perspex neckpiece is on the far right of the above image
  • Melissa Cameron [blog]: ‘Threesome‘, brooch on far left of below image
  • Femi Coppi [site]: ‘Subtle Treasure 1
  • Susan Frisch: ‘Pandanus
  • Mary Hackett [blog]: ‘Cupcake residue‘, fantastic large-scale sculpture
  • Jill Hermans [site]: ‘Black‘, ‘White‘, ‘Green‘, beautiful colourful shibuichi brooches, stunning
  • Gillian Hillman [site]: ‘Pendant 1′, ‘Pendant 2‘, ‘Brooch 1‘, the brooch is the exhibition media!
  • Inari Kiuru [blog]: ‘Third quarter of the moon (Opals for a dreamer)‘, lovely dark earrings
  • Claire McArdle [blog]: ‘The Other One on the 50c Piece‘, carved opal pin
  • Karyn Nankivell: ‘Opal-Eye‘, blue brooch in the above image
  • Christine Scott-Young: ‘Oviform Power Amplifier on Lanyard (O.P.A.L.)
  • Justin Siow [blog]; ‘Chrysolopus spectabilis
  • Karen Thompson (yes, me!)
  • Amy Zubick [site]: ‘A Story‘, small pin with diamonds and orange sapphires

As I was there before the opening, the pieces didn’t yet the artist’s name against them … so I do apologise to the artists above for whom I haven’t included a description of the work, as I could only carry so much information in my mind at once (yes, I may have been too busy chatting to write stuff down)!

image taken with gallery permission

The space is just delightful, and the building is fabulous; a great place for it!

I had a lovely chat with Annie Broadway (whose metalwork I admired at the 2010 NMIT exhibition) while I was there.

I was originally so nervous about seeing my work in the context of a selling exhibition; nervous if anyone would like them, nervous if the quality would match the others shown … All that said though, I was really happy!! The pieces look wonderful – perhaps it’s because I’ve had a little distance from them for a while since making them; and plus they look all spunky and professional on their own little display plinths.

image taken with gallery permission; not to be reproduced without permission

Oh Opal!‘ is at Redox Jewellery Studio until 23rd May 2012.


Update (24th March 2014): note that Redox Jewellery Studio has moved and been renamed Annie Broadway Studio




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4 05 2012

It looks like a great exhibition. I hope I get time to hit the road and see it.

8 05 2012
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