New work: ‘Oh Opal!’

2 05 2012

An exhibition opens today that has some of my work in it.

Oh Opal!‘ is at Redox Jewellery Studio from 2nd May to 23rd May, with an opening celebration this Friday.

Opal04, Opal05, Opal07; image not to be reproduced without permission

The exhibition invitation was so intriguing (also in exhibition media too):
It’s a conundrum! What to do with the opal? Why don’t more Australians love it? Melbourne-based research jewellery group Part B takes on the challenge of exploring the history and legend surrounding the opal and bringing a new fire to this strange and alluring gemstone.

In my very limited experience of being invited into exhibitions, if the concept immediately resonates and I have an idea of what I could make within a few minutes of reading the brief (even if that idea evolves over time), then I know it’ll all be fine.

It’s strange – I loved making them, though I’m not sure I really like them …. more to think about later … I like the blue one, but the multi-coloured ones are so disco-tastic, and yet that’s exactly how I intended them to be!

I’ll write more shortly about each piece and the starting point for this group; and yes, more detailed images too.

For the first time ever, my work will be for sale.
I’m really very ridiculously nervous about it … eeek.



2 responses

2 05 2012

Karen, I want one!!!!!! Love them…

2 05 2012

thank you so much!
let us work something out Vanessa my lovely friend
also, I have four more little opals ready to be made into something lovely …

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