‘Unexpected Pleasures’ @ NGV

20 04 2012

This super special contemporary jewellery exhibition, ‘UNEXPECTED PLEASURES: The Art and Design of Contemporary Jewellery‘, opened at the National Gallery of Victoria last night.

exhibition media

I should be at the lecture tonight, sadly though am not feeling so hot right now. So if anyone wants to send their impressions as comments or emails, I’d love to receive them!

There has already been some media on the exhibition:

  • The Age: video (with lots of images of pieces and an interview with Susan Cohn)
  • ‘The ugliest and loveliest of jewellery on show’, story (Sydney Morning Herald)
    … or here (dailylife; similar text but with more images)

One of my favourite quotes so far (I’m sure I’ll have more later) is from Susan Cohn:
”After procreation and survival, our next instinct as humans is adornment,” Cohn said when asked, ”Why?”
”Adornment is about attracting a mate, which in turn, is about procreation and survival.”

exhibition media

UNEXPECTED PLEASURES‘ (no, I’m not sure why it’s in capitals!) is at NGV until 26th August 2012.



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