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9 04 2012

My blog is one of my favourite things to do.

As I’m not especially gifted in the way of the modern gadgets, I have my blog ‘hosted’ by WordPress (for new players, one of the platforms a blogger can get easy blogging on; others include Blogspot). I’m neither interested nor have time to understand how to host my own site (though may in the future, who knows).

Recently WordPress introduced a feature where the home page of some blogs (depending on the ‘theme’ chosen from their range of blog looks) now show all posts, instead of just a handful.

This will mean your experience of reading has changed from seeing say six posts and then needing to click ‘Older’ to see previous ones, with each page showing six posts; to the new experience of ‘infinite scrolling’, where if you keep scrolling you keep getting posts.

I liked the original method – where a reader didn’t have to wait forever for the posts to load to read them. And for the number-nerd amongst us, this new ‘feature’ will also mess up the statistics .. oh I know, that part’s not all that important.

I have tried to find a work-around for this new ‘feature’ [with help from this post], however my theme is one that cannot be fixed.
Bummer. Sorry.
I’ll fix it as soon as I can find out how.



2 responses

10 04 2012

sorry karen, but I love this new feature! hehe

11 04 2012

it’s growing on me too …

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