It’s called “lost opportunity”

9 04 2012

There’s a news story doing the rounds over the last few days that has annoyed me… or more accurately, the manner in which it has been reported is annoying.

The story, from here, is headlined
Links of London claims Kate Middleton cost them $12.6 million in lost sales“.

the earrings in question; click on link for original source

The news story says: “Caroline Rolfe, Links of London’s head of online, said, “The counterfeiters were a lot cleverer than we were at the time of [the duchess’] wedding. We didn’t have that much stock so we started to sell out quite quickly … The counterfeiters took advantage of that by saying they had stock and people were duped into buying them.”

So, the jeweller seems to be stating that they’ve lost potential revenue to ‘fraudsters’ who were quicker off the mark to produce copies of the earrings Kate wore in some important photograph. So she didn’t “cost them” millions of pounds; they simply lost out on potential income. There is a big difference. They didn’t get something they could have; it’s not like something they did own was taken from them.

Isn’t the lesson here to have sufficient stock (though I realise that in this case the volumes were huge)? Perhaps to publicise appropriately, instead of hiding behind some kind of demure protocol?

Searching around the interwebs, there are a number of versions of the headline, and similar stories; including:

  • ‘Kate Effect’ costs UK jeweller $12.6m in lost sales to internet fraudsters [here]
  • ‘Kate Middleton Sparks Epidemic Of Counterfeit Goods’ [here]
  • … and then I got bored with looking …

Actually, why is this even a story? I wonder why the jeweller is publicising the matter now? I suppose it raises awareness of how sophisticated counterfeiters are; though this isn’t really news, at it was the topic of a story in 2010 [here]? Do they have an upcoming legal case they’re looking to establish public sympathy for? Or perhaps a new range coming out ….

Why am I even writing about it??
Indeed, time to go and do something more creative with my time!



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