Calendar: April 2012 sneak peek

15 03 2012

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  • Melbourne Museum ‘Top Designs 2012‘ [link]; until 15th July (opening 24th March)
  • NGV ‘Time Catcher‘ [link]; until November
  • Powerhouse Museum, ‘Love Lace‘ [link]; until April 2013

5th April: last day for Gallery Funaki, Carlier Makigawanature and structure‘ [link]; Fragile structures project and expand in unplanned growth. Lines – define volumes and transparencies to explore movement, form – an illusive, simultaneous grasp of life, exploring boundaries of formal definition of the relationship and tension between like and unlike.

7th April: last day for Pieces of Eight, ‘Cosmic Artefacts’, part of LMFF12 [link]; “Pieces of Eight Gallery presents fashion designer Alexi Freeman and jeweller Tessa Blazey, collaborating on a major window installation and a suite of jewellery pieces that accompany the ALEXI FREEMAN AW12 ROCK STAR collection. The installation features their Interstellar Gown, constructed from approximately 600 metres of gold plated chain and 6000 jump rings meticulously embellished into a galactic flapper formation – fit for a sci-fi goddess to traverse the celestial sphere

7th April: last day for Trocadero Artspace, Suse Scholem ‘attempts at describing adornment‘ [link]; “Utilising a hybrid of sociological research and contemporary jewellery, Suse Scholem highlights the potential of the body as canvas. Through social contexts, modern bodies become embodied, regulated, a performance. Attempts At Describing Adornment poses this performative experience of identity and the visual self. Drawn from qualitative research conducted by the artist, sentiments are translated into wearable design – a paradox of both functioning, and exposing, the continual performance of ‘self’ in modern society.

9th April: last day for ‘Renaissance, National Gallery of Australia (Canberra) [link]; until 9th April 2012 (see my first and second review post)

12th April: last day for application to be part of RMIT ‘Its Got Legs‘ [see my post]

14th April: last day for Studio 20/17 (Sydney), Rosemary Luker ‘Savage Beauties II‘ [link]; “Using gold and silver thread discovered in French flea markets and vintage shops, originally used for sewing military uniforms and ornate ladies clothes in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Rosemary transforms this vintage material into distinctly contemporary pieces by sewing, crocheting and weaving. The resulting chains, cuffs and fastenings are interwoven with silver and gold organic, naturalistic metal elements to form contemporary feminine works.

15th April: last day for application to Square Peg Studio September 2012 residency [link]

21st April: last day for Craft Victoria, Nicholas Bastin ‘The Sleepless Hero‘ [link]; “Nicholas Bastin draws together a collection of jewellery objects in an exhibition titled The Sleepless Hero. The objects appear to be the remnant accessories of new super-real characters, invented from associations from both popular culture and traditional mythology. The work touches on issues relating to the portrayal of the hero and the two-dimensional dualism of good and evil, to explore possible new contexts of the archetypal character in a contemporary urban mythology.

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plan ahead for [see also]:

4th May: Melbourne Museum ‘The Wonders of Ancient Mesopotamia‘ [link]; until 7th October 2012

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1st June 2012: last day for application to New Traditional Jewellery 2012 award [link]

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