Nicholas Bastin ‘The Sleepless Hero’ @ Craft Victoria

13 03 2012

My first impression, upon walking into Nicholas Bastin’s ‘The Sleepless Hero‘ exhibition at Craft Victoria [link], was ‘wow’.

The exhibition design is fabulous – “the jewellery objects are installed on diagrammatic depictions of the body. The original characters have long gone – dead, and all that remains are the remnants that ‘recount’ these characters …” [exhibition media]

image taken with gallery permission

The pieces I enjoyed the most were those made for “The Time Traveller” – especially ‘Emblem‘ and ‘Round Container with Mountain and Colour‘, left and right respectively in the image below. The scale is powerful and the colours, though riotous, are perfectly balanced.

image taken with gallery permission

Nicholas has also made collections of remnants for four other characters:

  • “Wolfe”: four buttons and a lucky foot charm
  • “Styromancer”: strange pieces … including one ‘Styrene Behemoth‘, a title which made sense given its scale
  • “Black Sparrow”: pieces with mostly feather iconography
  • “The Hidden Princess”: again, feathers; though also including the ‘Painted Mountain with Hidden Dragon Egg‘ (as seen in much of the exhibition media)

The drawn linear personalities on the wall certainly put the pieces into a context and tell an extra part of their story – I thought it was a brilliant presentation idea.

Nicholas Bastin’s ‘The Sleepless Hero‘ is at Craft Victoria until 21st April.



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