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11 03 2012

Recently I published my 750th post.
It made me think – what have I been writing about?

Starting with ‘categories’, the most popular have been (as at 10th March 2012):

  • jewellery: 340 posts (splendid)
  • exhibitions: 198 posts
  • location, City CBD: 192 posts
  • visual art: 115 posts
  • RMIT: 85 posts (my work from 2004-06 is tagged with this category)
  • calendar: 84 posts
  • my work: 76 posts (I didn’t realise I wrote about myself so much)
  • for thought: 71 posts

The months in which I wrote the most posts were December 2011, October 2011, and June 2007 (all with 27 posts each month).

And the traffic per month has looked like the graph below (the most recent month is about a third through, so that’s why it looks so little compared to the other complete months):

statistics graph; visits to blog per month

That’s enough blowing my own horn…

Though I’m interested … what posts do you like, and what kinds of posts would you like to see more of?



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